Today’s mobile DJs know that in order to compete in a highly competitive market, they must be willing to travel great distances to attract more clients.  But just how far are they willing to travel? 

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Every DJ is different which is why you won’t find published an exact number of miles mobile DJs are willing to travel to perform at events.  However, there are a few factors a DJ will consider when deciding how far they will travel, the most obvious of which is how much they will be paid to perform at the event.  For example, if they normally charge $500 for a party that is 20 miles from their home and a client is offering to pay them $600 to perform the exact same service at their party which is 50 miles away, the extra $100 will more than cover the cost of driving an additional 60 miles round trip and they’ll be happy to accept the work.  But if they are being offered only $25 more, they may think twice before taking the gig.       


Some agencies do quantify distances into approximate dollar amounts.  For example, you can find DJs who won’t charge any additional fees for distances less than 50 miles, but they’ll tack on an additional $50 fee plus $1 for each additional mile above 50 miles.  So long as they are reimbursed for their mileage at the rate specifically stated on their initial quote, they’ll likely travel distances greater than 100 miles to get to an event. 


The hours of an event will also have to be considered.  If a DJ has to travel 150 miles home after an event concludes at midnight, they may not be able to make the return trip safely without getting some rest beforehand, in which case an overnight hotel stay would be required.  This could add anywhere from $50 to $100 to their fee.  Once again, if the client is willing to pay the extra cost, the DJ will likely accept the assignment.      


It may also depend on how much business the DJ is securing at the moment.  DJs who are just starting out are more willing to travel far distances for less money just to gain experience.  In this case, what the client risks in entertainment value, they’ll gain in monetary savings. 

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Some DJs will specify up front how far they are willing to travel, but when they don’t or if they are open to negotiation, it’s up to the client to make them an offer they can’t refuse.  With gas prices remaining high throughout the country, it’s wise for DJs to take a careful look at the distances they are willing to travel and equally as wise for event coordinators to consider those distances when negotiating a fair fee.  Just like with any other business, if you want the very best, sometimes you just have to pay a bit more for it.