Karaoke continues to grow in popularity thanks to its unique ability to bring people together and encourage folks to loosen up and have a good time. Still, we’ve all been to bars and parties when the guests are just standing around with their arms crossed, feeling too self-conscious to perform. Sometimes all they need is a little bit of motivation. Hiring a professional karaoke DJ can help. Here are just two of the biggest benefits you’ll receive when you do:

Vast Collection of Music – Professional karaoke DJs know their audience. They keep themselves abreast of all the latest trends in karaoke music. They know which songs will encourage audience members to sing along and all the current hits that get the most requests from eager participants in every genre of music. But they also understand that not everyone is keen on singing the same old songs that everyone else wants to sing which is why they’ll also maintain a rich collection of songs from many popular artists who are not often heard on mainstream radio. They will also come prepared with one or more copies of an up-to-date, easy to use printed catalog from which performers can pick their next song.

Encouragement - To get things started, or whenever there’s a lull, it is the DJ’s responsibility to generate increased participation. Professional karaoke DJs know all the tricks to encourage reluctant performers. Whether it’s addressing friendlier faces in the crowd, using their wit and humor to ease them on the stage or offering to buy them a drink if they finish a whole song, they will do everything within their power to keep things rolling. When humor, free gifts and witty banter just aren’t enough, a professional karaoke DJ will take the mic and sing as many songs as it takes to liven things back up again.

Next time you’re hosting an event with karaoke, remember the two biggest benefits you’ll receive when you hire a professional DJ. You can find a terrific one now by simply consulting a reputable agency’s website. Look for agencies with the longest histories of providing the names and contact information for karaoke DJs in your area and allow you to narrow your search by price point so that you are sure to hire the best you can afford.